Plaza La Plaza Hotel near our bike base pueblo blanco white village of Canillas de Albaida RESTAURANTE LA PLAZA PRICE: 17,00 EUROS. STARTERS 1. Plumb tomato salad with feta cheese, red onions, fresh herbs and virgin olive oil. 2. Local pan seared black pudding with cane sugar and piquillo pepper. 3. Pasta with spicy chorizo sausage. 4. Soup of the day. 5. Green salad with grilled tuna. 6. Indonesian style spare ribs with a bean sprout garnish. 7. Garlic mushrooms with tomate. MAIN COURSE 1. Roast chicken breast with prawns and a spinach and cream sauce. 2. Fillet of pork stuffed with dried fruits, served with a local wine and raison sauce. 3. Chicken breast wrapped in bacon with roasted red peppers. 4. Grilled salmon with basmati rice and bean sprouts. 5. Swordfish tower with aubergine and a tomato and basil sauce. 6. Puff pastry vegetable book with garlic and cream. 7. Veggie pasta bake with cheese and mornay gratinee. 8. Entrecot. ( Sirloin Steak ) DRINKS 1. Beer or wine glass. ( included in the prices ) EXTRA PRICES FOR DRINKS: " BIG BEER : 2,50 EUROS. " BEER : 1,50 EUROS. " WINE GLASS : 2,50 EUROS. " GAS WATER : 1,50 EUROS. You can get to the hotel by car in an hour from Malaga airport. You can check out the reviews from Tripadvisor and Trailblazer Reviews Trailblazers-pro Spain with Posada La Plaza Complex UK Tel: +44 (0)1655 750109 Trailblazers-pro